Structural Repair & Restoration Services follows strict guidelines when conducting both internal and external restoration home repairs. We utilize architect and structural engineering reports to execute internal and external home repairs. Our trained technicians and excavating teams are well versed in construction and all materials necessary to effectively and cost efficiently implement ALL forms of restoration.

  • We have documented success in all facets of restoration and home repair including;
  • I-Beam and Jack post support
  • Excavating floors including repouring concrete and smoothing
  • Internal foundation support with "LVL Wood" or alternative materials
  • Remodeling methods including drywall, sheet rock, wood paneling
  • Experts in brick and masonry combine both functional and artistic restoration
  • All forms of drainage installation (speedy drain/box drain/sub soil drain)

Installation of outdoor jack post, speedy drain with exterior waterproofing

tie into an exterior speedy drain and pump system

structural engineering plan for the house below